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Haiti: Joseph Felix Badio’s lawyers arrested, following his arrest the previous week

25 October 2023


Three lawyers identified as representing Joseph Félix Badio have been placed in detention following the recent arrest of their client for his alleged involvement in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse.

Alexandre Eddyson, Jean Charles Markenson and Limage Jeppson, lawyers at the Mirebalais Bar, were arrested on Sunday 22 October 2023 at Joseph Félix Badio’s residence, considered to be one of the alleged masterminds of the assassination of Haiti’s last President.

According to reports, the lawyers were attempting to retrieve documents, phones and computers belonging to their client when they were caught by Fermathe police officers, who had been alerted by local residents.

These events follow the arrest of Joseph Félix Badio, a former official of the Haitian Ministry of Justice, on 19 October 2023, who is now accused of having planned the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in 2021[1].


The Observatory urges the Republic of Haiti to guarantee full respect for all the guarantees of a fair trial in the cases involving Alexandre Eddyson, Jean Charles Markenson and Limage Jeppson.

The Observatory recalls that, in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Principles on the Role of Lawyers, in particular principles 16, 18 and 27:

Principle 16: “Governments shall ensure that lawyers (a) are able to perform all of their professional functions without intimidation, hindrance, harassment or improper interference; (…)”

Principle 18: Lawyers shall not be identified with their clients or their clients’ causes as a result of discharging their functions.”

Principle 27: Charges or complaints made against lawyers in their professional capacity shall be processed expeditiously and fairly under appropriate procedures. Lawyers shall have the right to a fair hearing, including the right to be assisted by a lawyer of their choice.”




[1] The New York Times, “Key Suspect in Assassination of Haiti’s President Is Arrested”, published on 19 October 2023, available online.