PHILIPPINES: Mobilisation for International Fair Trial Day in Manila: NUPL wins Ebru Timtik prize

PHILIPPINES: Mobilisation for International Fair Trial Day in Manila: NUPL wins Ebru Timtik prize

Impunity for attacks on lawyers, prosecutors and judges, as well as smear campaigns against legal and human rights professionals in the Philippines, were highlighted in a panel discussion to mark International Fair Trial Day.

Held on 14 June at the University of the Philippines in Manila, the event also highlighted the gaps in anti-terrorism legislation resulting from the so-called “red-tagging” system,, a series of defamation campaigns against legal professionals on social media and in public spaces.

The second panel discussion of the day, chaired by Gonzalo Sáenz Quilez, representing the International Observatory for Lawyers in Danger (OIAD), focused on the impact of anti-terrorism and anti-drug laws on the protection of lawyers, journalists, civil society, activists and other human rights defenders.

The event was supported and attended by more than 100 legal associations from around the world, who pledged to highlight the importance of the right to a fair trial and the challenges posed by the rights of the defence.

The ceremony also provided an opportunity to award the “Ebru Timtik” human rights prize, which this year went to NUPL (National Union of People’s Lawyers), which includes Czarina Musni, who has been monitored by the OIAD.

To find out more about the winning NUPL organisation, please read the official announcement of the award at the following link:

The prize is named after the Turkish lawyer who died in August 2020 after 238 days on hunger strike to protest against violations of the right to a fair trial in her country.  The prize is awarded each year on International Fair Trial Day (IFTD) to those who have shown commitment and sacrifice in defending the right to a fair trial. The first Ebru Timtik Prize was awarded posthumously to Ebru Timtik herself.

The artist Stefanie Wuschitz has been commissioned to create the artwork for the 2024 edition of the Ebru Timtik Prize, entitled “Responsive Courage”, which you can view at the following link: