The International Observatory for Lawyers in Danger receives the “Abogados de Atocha” 2024 prize

The International Observatory for Lawyers in Danger receives the “Abogados de Atocha” 2024 prize

On the occasion of the International Day for Lawyers in Danger 2024, which marks the 47th anniversary of the murder of the Atocha lawyers, the “Abogados de Atocha” Foundation has announced the award of its prestigious annual prize to the OIAD, for its unwavering commitment to justice since its creation in 2016.

The “Abogados de Atocha” Foundation was set up to perpetuate the memory of the lawyers who were victims of the Atocha Massacre on 24 January 1977, who were fighting for democratic freedoms in Spain. In commemoration of these assassinated lawyers, the International Day of Lawyers in Danger is held every year on 24 January, the date on which the “Abogados de Atocha” award ceremony was held.

Victoria Ortega Benito, President of the Spanish National Bar Council and representative of the OIAD, had the honour of receiving the award from the “Abogados de Atocha” Foundation on behalf of the Observatory in Madrid.

“The existence of the Observatory is both a daily tragedy and a window of hope. Tragedy because there are lawyers who are threatened, attacked and even murdered for the simple fact of defending human rights; and a window of hope because there is a network working for the legitimate exercise of defence”, emphasised the representative of the OIAD.

A fervent defender of the defence and the free and independent practice of law, the Observatory strives to highlight the precarious situations faced by lawyers around the world. This acknowledgement underlines the importance of its work in protecting lawyers and advocating justice, thus perpetuating the legacy of the heroic lawyers of Atocha.

The International Observatory for Lawyers in Danger would like to thank the “Abogados de Atocha” Foundation for awarding this prestigious prize, as well as all its members and partners for their unwavering commitment to the defence of lawyers, through the many actions carried out on behalf of our colleagues around the world.

In solidarity with justice, let’s support lawyers in danger in their fight for freedom and equality.